Trump Inu is a hilarious fictional character, imagined as a cute Shiba Inu dog but with the style and personality of Donald Trump. With golden fur and a salon-styled puff of hair, Trump Inu always stands out in every photo, whether it's a candid shot or a selfie. His slogan, "Make Meme Great Again," embodies his grand mission to bring hearty laughs and top-notch entertainment through memes.

In his story, Trump Inu is not only a smart dog but also a world-class "meme expert." With the talent to turn every ordinary moment into hilarious memes, Trump Inu quickly becomes a social media star. From chasing his own tail to competing for food with the neighbor's cat, every action of Trump Inu inspires "laugh-out-loud" memes.

Imagine Trump Inu posting a photo of himself sitting seriously in front of a computer with the caption: "When you're trying to create a new meme but get lost in the world of hundreds of cat videos on YouTube." That meme instantly becomes a global sensation, making everyone burst into laughter. But Trump Inu doesn't stop there; he encourages everyone to be creative, pushing the boundaries of humor and imagination. Trump Inu is a vivid testament that in life, humor and optimism are always needed to overcome any challenge.

ALL Feature


No pre-sale, no seed round, we just only fair launch and zero tax on buy/sell transaction

The project draws its strength from the community. Smart contracts have been fully renounced, eliminating any possibility of interference. Our space within Trump Inu is now absolutely secure.

The liquidity is securely locked, ensuring our community's safety within the $TRUMPI ecosystem at all times.

Contract renounced


Step 1:
Copy Smart Contract.

Step 2:
Go to UniSwap Page.

Step 3:
Connect your Metamask Wallet or any orther wallet u use.

Step 4:
Paste Smart Contract

Step 6:
Fill the number u wanna buy

Now u own token <3

*Make sure u have $ETH in your wallet for fee trade.